Axial Harmonics - A brief development history

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Axial Harminc Theory
Harmonic Comparison Table
Descriptions ofThe Axial Harmonic Levels
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Axial Harmonic Orb Table

The idea to apply an Axial Harmonic method to the Astrological chart was originally conceived by Carl Smith in 1984. He spent many years exploring Astrological potentials, doing thousands of charts, and through the trial and error method of applying both traditional Astrological methods and his own emerging ideas in readings with thousands of people, refining what worked and rejecting what didn't, so developing a set of basic rules for the method and a set of basic points for harmonic interpretation.

Perhaps the most important of the basic rules are:

1. both ends of an axis are similar for mathematical purposes

2. all levels of the harmonic method must have mathematical consistency

3. a pair of points can only be resonant on one harmonic set at a time so no overlapping of orbs allowed. .

The subsequent integration of these ideas into a working Astrological system, and the development of a complete interpretive analysis is largely the work of Rodney Smith , who has carried on the work whilst Carl has been busy in other fields of endeavour. He has also spent countless hours doing charts and applying a mix of Carl's methods and his own metaphysical understanding in readings with many people, further refining the method into a fully integrated and mathematically consistent technique, and developing a very usable set of clear and practical harmonic interpretations that are applied using the strict mathematical criteria of the method.

Carl and Rod have spent many hundreds hours, often into the early hours of the morning, discussing the finer points of the method, and exploring many of the implications and side issues, so ensuring the best possible refinement of the method in the time available. We therefore claim joint ownership.

As far as we are aware, there are no other Astrologers in the world applying harmonics to Astrology in this fashion.

Our study of Astrology, is based on the natal chart as a map of the human psyche. The purpose of this type of Astrological investigation is to examine the natal chart to determine areas for potential development in the life of the individual. The same investigation can also highlight areas of difficulty, and much of this difficulty is associated with what we call 'childhood truths'.
A clear understanding of how to move beyond childhood truth is essential to understanding this style of Astrological investigation at this level. This is discussed at some length in the short essay on the energy of Union.

By mapping the 'energy weather' at the time of birth, we can determine the combinations of energy which are natural to the individual. By studying the natural rhythms of life, we can determine the best articles of timing by which to take full advantage of the prevailing 'energy weather' symbolised by transits to the birth chart. The purpose of this type of investigation is the psycho / spiritual development of the individual.

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Axial Harmonics Theory.

In Axial Harmonic theory, each chart object (for the purpose of this discussion a chart object is a planet, point or cusp deemed to be relevant to the nature of the inquiry) is seen to have equal influence both in its primary position on the chart and in the position directly opposite it on the chart. Thus the line between the object and its opposite point is known as the primary axis of that object representing the division of the ecliptic circle into an ecliptic wave.

Examples of axial division in contemporary Astrology would be the Ascendant / Descendant axis, the Midheaven / I.C. axis and the Lunar North Node/South Node axis. Each point of the pair is exactly 180 degrees apart. Each can be seen as equal and opposite in influence, yet very much functions of the same energy type. Every house system that I am aware of is a series of six axial polar divisions.

By unifying the energy type along the primary axis we remove some of its polar nature, allowing for a more fluid, balanced understanding of the primary energy type. This type of investigation encourages balance rather than polarity.

It is fundamental to the understanding of Axial Harmonics that the line between an object and its opposite point is known as the primary axis of that object. The primary axis of any object is the focus of its influence in the natal chart.

If a primary axis is created with each chart object, then all divisions of the ecliptic wave, or aspects, must also be axial for the sake of consistency. You cannot discuss an aspect between any two objects in this system without also considering their opposite points on the chart

Every whole number axial division of the ecliptic wave from the primary axis of an object represents a point of Axial Harmonic Resonance to that object.

For the purpose of Astrological investigation into the human psyche I have restricted the investigation to 18 harmonic levels - the 18th produces a 'nearly silent' level of resonance at 10 degree intervals around the chart from any primary axis - whilst aspects at that level may be indicative of the 'still small voice' of inspiration, they may equally be quite dramatically delusional - the difference is in the person's own application of cosmic energy.

Axial harmonic investigation produces aspects in a new series of groupings known as Axial Harmonic Levels, the individual aspects become known as Axial Harmonic Aspects.

I tend to refer to aspects by their Axial Harmonic Level rather than by their traditional names or by their traditional harmonic association. I find this gives me a much clearer picture of an aspect's essential energy.

For the purpose of this discussion, which is to enable those with some Astrological background to understand the method, traditional Astrological aspects and harmonic methods will also be used.

Traditional harmonic methods tend to treat divisions of a circle as absolute, so that a Trine is considered to define the third harmonic whilst a Sextile describes the sixth. When working with axes of influence rather than isolated points then Axial Harmonic groupings become more sensible.

By their Axial Harmonic grouping, the Trine and Sextile are both functions of the third Axial Harmonic Level. They are both the result of the division of the ecliptic wave by three axes and they have intrinsically very similar energy.

You will notice that the midpoint of a Trine always describes a Sextile aspect with each point, thus the Trine is known as the primary aspect of the third Axial Harmonic level, and the Sextile is known as the secondary aspect of the same axial level.

It is by this reasoning that the Trine and Sextile are both very similar, yet somehow different. They both have the overall energy of harmony, yet the Sextile tends to be a little more expansive, whilst the Trine remains harmonious, sometimes to the point of inertia.

The reason for this difference is that the midpoint of the Sextile introduces the expansive side of the sixth Axial Harmonic Level - cunx (semiSextile) and quincunx (inconjunct) - each of these have their fair share of difficulty which promotes expansion. The Sextile has some of that expansive quality without the associated difficulty. Therefore I maintain that the essential energy of the Trine and Sextile is the same, yet each has a different expression of that energy.

You may well say that there is nothing new in these observations, particularly where Trine and Sextile are concerned, however, this harmonic principle can be applied throughout the chart at any level with extraordinary consistency, so making mathematical analysis of a chart the fundamental basis for its interpretation.

The beauty of this system is that it is mathematically sound, and with the right application of orb formulae there is no 'overlapping' of orbs, so any two objects can only be directly engaged at one harmonic level.

Perhaps if I go through the major aspects, the principle of Axial Harmonic division may become more apparent.

First I will clarify what I call primary and secondary aspects.

A primary aspect will always have its midpoint on its own Axial Harmonic Level and is always represented as a multiple of the whole circle divided by its Axial Harmonic number. This is consistent with traditional Astrological practice.

A secondary aspect will always be defined by a primary aspect midpoint and will always represent the division of the axial wave by its Axial Harmonic number, so its value is always an odd order multiple of one half of the Whole, or 180 degrees, divided by the Axial Harmonic number.

As the harmonic levels progress, the secondary aspect of any harmonic level becomes the primary aspect of the next 'division by half' of the wave. This progression of midpoint association ensures the continued development of a given energy as it progresses through the harmonic levels. Each 'division by half' represents a further refinement of the original primary energy. Thus Opposition (1), Square (2), Octile (Semisquare) (4), the Eighth (8) and the Sixteenth (16) Axial Harmonic Levels are all progressive applications of the fundamental energy of resistance .

The Axial Harmonic Levels

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The First Axial Harmonic Level

The First Axial Harmonic Level (0 degrees and 180 degrees) is the fundamental resonant level. A Conjunction and Opposition are seen to be equal and opposite functions of the same energy by the division of the ecliptic circle into an ecliptic wave with a single primary axis. Of these two, the Conjunction is the primary aspect, emphasising the 'union' side of direct association, while the Opposition introduces the energy of 'resistance' to the same fundamental energy of direct association. The energy of resistance is introduced by the midpoint of the Opposition, which is always the Square of the two planets concerned, while the midpoint of the Conjunction is always its own primary axis. Thus, the energy of the Conjunction and Opposition are both functions of the principle energy of direct association. By treating them as the same energy type, we allow an article of balance to flow through the chart which has before now been sadly missing.

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The Second Axial Harmonic Level

The Second Axial Harmonic Level (90 degrees) is unique in that it only has one secondary aspect. The primary aspect of the Square is the Opposition. This pattern of division is repeated throughout the harmonic sequences. This makes the Square a very important aspect in a chart, as it will determine how we deal with resistance. The 'Energy of Resistance' essay explains this at greater depth and should be read before you proceed much further. The native who meets resistance with greater resistance will find life mostly difficult. The one who meets resistance with a sense of adventure and challenge finds life much easier to deal with. This attitude is an article of choice, rather than destiny. The midpoint of the Square describes the fourth Axial Harmonic Level which brings the energy of resistance to a material level. More about that later.

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The Third Axial Harmonic Level

The Third Axial Harmonic level (60 degrees and 120 degrees) has already been discussed at length so I won't bore you with repetition, but I will say that the third Axial Harmonic Level is an original energy level as its only relationship to the first is its axial division. (The Square is related to the first harmonic level by the Opposition midpoint. The Trine and Sextile are not derived from midpoints of either the first or second Axial Harmonic Levels.)

The first Axial Harmonic division by three will always introduce the energy of resonant harmony. This energy is at its best when the first and second levels are applied properly. Harmony is a resonant energy in its own right, and should never be seen simply as a lack of resistance. For a more detailed explanation of this energy, see the article about harmony .

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The Fourth Axial Harmonic Level

The Fourth Axial Harmonic Level (45 degrees and 135 degrees) is represented by the traditional Octile (Semisquare) and Trioctile (Sesquiquadrate) and is more or less a material manifestation of the second.

There are only two aspects here and both are seen as secondary because the Square aspect is the primary aspect of the fourth. Here the principle of resistance is refined to the point of material manifestation.

A person displays their attitude to resistance in the fourth, it cannot be avoided. I must say here that when the fourth harmonic level happens to you it is a less than pleasant experience.

If you manage to master the energy of resistance you can then make the most of its material manifestation. Up until then, it is truly a painful experience. The trademark of the fourth harmonic level is instability, and its midpoint is a gateway to the eighth Axial Harmonic Level which turns instability into intensity.

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The Fifth Axial Harmonic Level

The Fifth Axial Harmonic Level (36 degrees,72 degrees,108 degreesand 144 degrees) represents a new energy, not derived from any previously defined midpoints and includes the Quintile, Biquintile, Decile and Tredecile aspects. The Quintile (72 degrees) and Biquintile (144 degrees) are the primary aspects, while the Decile (36 degrees) and Tredecile (108 degrees) are the secondary aspects at this level. Every new harmonic level has a sense of application of all that has come before it. I noted that the third harmonic level gives us a clue to the type of harmony that we are looking for, yet the harmony it displays is a result of the 'highest vibration' of union and resistance . This phenomenon is also true of the fifth. The fifth Axial Harmonic Level represents the energy of creativity with a developmental twist. It is for this reason that many associate the fifth harmonic, and the number five in general, with empowerment.

When this Axial Harmonic Level is applied at its highest vibration, the person experiences empowerment within the flow of cosmic energy and begins to radiate the divine presence. The development of the highest self begins to flow from the person who quite naturally makes an active contribution to their environment. This is only possible when the person has achieved the highest vibration of all of the previous levels.

On a more 'down to earth' level, the fifth represents the persons first attempts at manipulating their environment, and can therefore be an indication of assertive, or even aggressive energy. The energy of the fifth Axial Harmonic Level, and particularly the quintile and biquintile aspects, is raw and requires refinement. This is achieved in several different ways within the finer harmonic levels

As with all harmonic levels, the midpoint of the Decile (secondary aspect of the fifth Axial Harmonic Level) introduces the next stage in the development of this energy, called a Vingtile (18 degrees), along with Trevingtile (54 degrees), Sepvingtile (156 degrees), and Novingtile (172 degrees). The Decile gains its developmental energy from this midpoint (Vingtile), so that the tenth Axial Harmonic Level represents the first refinement of the fifth.

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The Sixth Axial Harmonic Level

The Sixth Axial Harmonic Level (30 degrees and 150 degrees) is the first refinement of the third, and is described by the cunx (semisextile) and quincunx aspects. As I indicated in the third, there is a certain amount of difficulty associated with these aspects, but this difficulty always leads to expansion. It is really quite naive to assume that there can be worthwhile expansion without some difficulty. However, the degree of difficulty experienced is a direct function of the person's application of that ever-present energy of resistance - see the Article of Resistance essay .
The sixth Axial Harmonic Level represents the first 'cross-harmonic' level, and there are many more to come. As always, what is applied here is applied consistently throughout the harmonic levels and so the principles established here are quite important.

As the division of the second Axial Harmonic Level into three, the sixth represents the application of harmony to the heat of resistance .
If we use the heat generated by resistance to energise and strengthen ourselves, then the sixth gives us a perfect vehicle through which to channel this energy of vibrant harmony. This is where harmony can be quite sexy. It is always the point at which harmony becomes expansive.

If resistance remains a problem then the sixth becomes a real chore as we are then faced with resistance applied to harmony. If we view harmony as a lack of resistance (a less than ideal view) then the sixth becomes the most irritating of all harmonic levels because we cannot escape the fact that harmony is a separate energy. The sixth, in that case produces a confusion which seems irreconcilable, and therefore difficulty which, 'by magic', produces expansion.

As the division of the third Axial Harmonic Level by two, all of the above applies with one more consideration. This introduces the energy of resistance to the energy of harmony, therefore energising it. The third harmonic level has a tendency towards inertia, especially (but not exclusively) when harmony is seen as a lack of resistance. By introducing resistance, the inertia is broken; way or the other....

Harmony is refined to the point of expansion in the best case, and the midpoint introduces the twelfth Axial Harmonic Level, refining expansion to the point of transformation.

In the worst case, resistance is escalated by the introduction of harmony, producing an explosive mixture, the fallout of which produces growth or expansion. The midpoint will represent transformation by more explosive means again.

The energies of Union , Resistance and Harmony are paramount to understanding Axial Harmonics. If you have not read them at this stage, do so. There will be further articles about the other primary axial levels, but without a grasp of the first three energiess, there can be little or no understanding of the finer harmonic levels.

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The Seventh Axial Harmonic Level

The Seventh Axial Harmonic Level is another new energy as it again is not defined by any other harmonic level than the first. As a division by seven, this harmonic level introduces the concept of structure to the natal chart.

Structure is the restraint or set of boundaries within which we frame the concepts of our metaphysics. Astrology is one such structure. Religions of all forms and the bodies of thought which make up our scientific, literary, and social understanding are all different expressions of this kind of structure.

All are based on given premises and obey given rules, though the very adherence to these rules can lead to knowledge well beyond them. So we can continually rejuvenate our structure by adopting the discoveries made possible by the adherence to the first set of rules.

Many structures become stale and lifeless because they refuse to rejuvenate

Structure is not simply a set of rules, but a vibrant energy which facilitates learning. In fact it is structure (and structure always has rules) which gives our energy its ability to focus. Sometimes the rules can stifle our attempts to learn. If this continues as a regular pattern, then it is time to move past your set of rules, or redefine your structure. Saturn, the seventh house(s) and the seventh harmonic level will give you more than sufficient information about the type of structure to which you naturally vibrate.

The seventh Axial Harmonic Level, as an article of structure, will also have the flavour of our relationships. After all, our relationship with other people is a very strong determinant of our structure. The closer the relationship, the stronger its structural influence.

The Septile, Biseptile and Treseptile are the primary aspects of the seventh Axial Harmonic Level, and these describe the pure, if not a little raw, energy of structure. The midpoints of these aspects (consistency) describe the secondary aspects of this level, and these are the first (semiseptile), third (tresemiseptile) and fifth (quinsemiseptile) multiples of 'one fourteenth' of a circle. These aspects have sense of empowerment about them, which comes from the correct use of structure.

The midpoints of the seventh Axial Harmonic Level describe the fourteenth (multiples of 'one twenty-eighth' of a circle), and this is a sweet level for those who understand how to deal correctly with resistance (link to Resistance.html). In any other instance they are explosive, pitching the individual against the 'machine'.

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The Eighth Axial Harmonic Level

The Eighth Axial Harmonic Level represents the third 'division by two' of the second. If resistance is not well understood or used, it shows up here. The eighth intensifies the material manifestation of the fourth.

Those who habitually deplete their environment will do so to excess here, and will enjoy it (God help those who share this environment). Those who are compliant become martyrs here.

Those who have learned how to use resistance to their advantage without destroying their environment get a real blast out of the eighth.

The eighth removes all doubt about the way we apply resistance.

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The Ninth Axial Harmonic Level

The Ninth Axial Harmonic Level represents the first division of the third Axial Harmonic Level by three. This represents harmony applied to harmony, or an exponential growth in harmony.

For those to whom harmony is simply a lack of resistance, the ninth Axial Harmonic level represents inertia to the point of lethargic contentment. This is quite a happy state of being, but it does lack the 'life' which it has for those to whom harmony is a vibrant energy of its own.

The ninth Axial Harmonic Level can also have an inspirational quality. In the article about Harmony , I maintain that harmony is not always put to good use. Neither is inspiration. If there is a flaw in the way in which the individual applies harmony, then the ninth becomes delusional rather than inspirational, and this can be escalated quite readily in the same way that harmony can.

A simple article of discernment between delusion and inspiration is what I call the 'ism' short for 'I'm a special messenger'. Delusion usually puts the self in a position of privileged information set apart from the rest of the world. A person who is truly inspired is aware that the earth is an inspirational place and enjoys making their contribution to the collective inspiration of the whole.

There are other forms of delusion and other forms of inspiration, but I have found the above 'rule of thumb' to be a pretty good starting place.

When harmony is applied at its best, then the ninth harmonic level is truly sweet, and quite magnificent. It is the individual's first taste of spiritual ecstasy.

The ninth Axial Harmonic Level is both a derivative of the third, and a unique energy of its own. Because it is not derived from any midpoints, it has both primary and secondary aspects yet some of the axes which describe the ninth are those which describe the third. What conclusions can we draw from this? Whilst the ninth is the escalation of the harmony of the third divided by itself, it is also a unique energy, best described as inspiration.

Nine also has a Neptunian 'challenge to reality' feel about it, which is consistent with all of the above.

The primary aspects of the ninth Axial Harmonic Level are the Novile, the Binovile and the Quadranovile. The secondary aspects are the first , fifth and seventh multiples of 'one eighteenth' or 20 degrees.

The midpoints of the ninth Axial Harmonic Level describe the aspects of the eighteenth, (multiples of 10 degrees not covered by any other level) which is as far as I go in this type of investigation. The eighteenth refines and energises the ninth, and is also an inspirational refinement to the sixth.

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The Tenth Axial Harmonic Level

Ten axes divide the circle into twenty parts.

The Tenth Axial Harmonic Level is characterised by the vingtile series of aspects, being one, three, seven and nine twentieths of a circle. (vingtile, trevingtile, septvingtile and nonvingtile to be precise.)

Ten is the first number which can be broken down numerologically. Obviously, it breaks down to one. I consider this first layer of numerological breaking down to be the ‘applied’ series of numbers, each subsequent application representing a different manifestation of the base energy. You will see that, even though this is not mathematically ‘pure’, the numerological significance can nevertheless be seen as the numbers are developed. Indeed there is a maked similarity between the numerological treatment and the matematical relationship where both exist.

As the first application of one, the Tenth should represent a new application of the energy of union. Harnessing the energy around you and transforming your environment is, to me a clear application of union. This is the energy of ten.

The tenth is, the first refinement of the fifth, and as such takes the energy of development one degree further, this I call the level of physical transformation.

As mentioned in the fifth, the application of this energy is determined by the person’s attitude to resistance. Where resistance is mastered, and used to great advantage, the tenth becomes the article of true development, so that the person is able to see their best advantage in any situation, and make the most of it, bringing change and transforming their surroundings. Used well, this is inspiring energy, used poorly, it is devastating.

Where the article of resistance is not harnessed, the individual becomes distracted by the faults of others (and indeed, by their own faults which they see reflected in others and cannot accept), development is hamstrung, rather than enhanced. Transformation becomes destruction. This is unfortunately a common occurrence in our world.

A tenth Axial Harmonic pattern is a ‘doers’ pattern, it makes things happen and alters its surroundings.

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The Eleventh Axial Harmonic Level

Eleven axes divide the circle into twenty-two parts.

The Eleventh Axial Harmonic is a new energy type, the only connection it has to any previous number being its numerological base of two.

Resistance is the art of using one energy to refine another. In the Eleventh, this is taken a step further. I call the energy of eleven the energy of applied community. Whereas simple resistance bounces energy off another individual, applied community bounces it of an entire group.

In its best light, this is an aspect series of true community spirit, the individual engaging the energy of the group and developing with it. An outspoken person on the eleventh might galvanize a group into action.

In its worst light, it becomes antisocial; the individual finding resistance form the group, and therefore eventually setting themselves up in opposition. Eleventh harmonic energy will try to please the crowd. If these efforts are consistently rejected, then the negative pattern begins.

Like any other energy, the application of the eleventh harmonic is in the hands of the individual. Some people use group resistance to refine their skills, others are overwhelmed by it.

The eleventh is an intrinsically social harmonic which most people seem to be able to cope with reasonably well.

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The Twelfth Axial Harmonic Level

Twelve axes divide the circle into twenty-four parts.

The twelfth Axial Harmonic Level is represented by only four aspects, these being 1/24, 5/24, 7/24 and 11/24; the only four multiples of 1/24 which are not represented by any other level.

These aspects are 15 degrees from conjunct, opposition and square. The 15 degree and 165 degree aspects have been referred to as ‘quindecile’, this name apparently (and somewhat obscurely) referring to the number of degrees, but having no bearing on the function of the aspect as part of a circle.

With the numerological base of three, we can expect twelve to be a special number. I spoke of the tenth as the transformative aspect from the perspective of development. The twelfth is transformative from the perspective of harmony, or Divine Love.

It is truly the combination of ones attitude to harmony (3), and the way one sees this world (4).

In its best light, it is the true spiritual alchemists aspect. Transformation through Love is the work of the spiritual guide, the healer, the teacher and so forth. If you like, it brings a taste of heaven to earth. It is the fourth multiple of three, giving harmony a material expression. As the first division of the sixth harmonic, it takes expansion through to transformation.

Again it must be pointed out, that resistance will determine the nature of the application of this energy.

In its worst light, the transformation is affected through manipulation. Using the very base energy of desire, the manipulative person will alchemise the energy of another to serve their own purposes. This is no longer a heaven to earth energy, heaven is replaced by desire, earth is replaced by disruption. This is a less noble application of the same energy.

The twelfth Axial Harmonic Level is, then, either extremely positive, or extremely negative, the application is in the hands of the owner.

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The Thirteenth Axial Harmonic Level

Thirteen axes divide the circle into twenty-six parts.

Thirteen has always been an interesting number. Many will associate it with the ‘devil’, others will associate it with bad luck, and others again, with the occult or death. So what does it mean in Astrology ?.

As the first application of four, thirteen must be a fresh look at the material world. This does not sound too sinister. If we take thirteen as a look ‘behind the scenes’ on this world, then we start to understand where it draws its occult (meaning ‘hidden’) reference from. If we look at death as a function of life in this world, we can see where others get the reference to death from.

Bad luck and devils are usually indicative of things best left undisclosed, and one can easily see why the powers that be did not want people being educated about the way they ran our society. To meditate on a number is to understand both its meaning and application. If the powers that were in control could keep the general population fearful of the number, they were fairly safe.

When one looks at the scripture from which these social engineers drew their inspiration, we find a couple powerful references to thirteen, but these are characteristically hidden just below the surface. Jesus with his twelve apostles made a total of thirteen. Moses, as he divided the twelve tribes of Israel, divided the tribe of Manaseh into two so that the Levities could be dispersed amongst them.... this makes a division of thirteen.

Astrologically speaking, this can be equated with fitting the thirteen lunar months into the twelve zodiac houses over the space of a solar year.

What does a thirteenth harmonic association do? It is a penetrating aspect, always on a quest for deeper truth. A thirteenth harmonic pattern in a chart will indicate a person who takes nothing in life at face value. The thirteenth has the capacity to integrate the physical and the spiritual, and to see the illusory state of living in the material world for what it is.

One could use this aspect to assist those in trouble by viewing below the surface, and getting to the root of the problem. A person with a strong thirteenth harmonic will always have an interesting perspective.

One could as equally use that ability to spot another’s weakness and use it against them. The thirteenth has a sense of the ruthless and dispassionate about it. In a compassionate soul, it is extremely useful to humanity. In a less compassionate soul, it is quite destructive.

The thirteenth harmonic has a strong relationship to both the Moon and Pluto, as such it requires some mastery. Behind the scenes and below the surface is where the it will manifest.

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The Fourteenth Axial Harmonic Level

Fourteen axes divide the circle into twenty-eight parts.

Fourteen is reduced to five in numerology, so the fourteenth needs to embrace the energy of empowerment, shedding new light on it.

The fourteenth Axial Harmonic Level is described by the midpoint of the seventh, and so the structural energy of the seventh is present here. This is where the empowerment of five comes through in the fourteenth.

I have always maintained that sexual energy and spiritual energy share some common ground. In all of the finest Axial Harmonic Levels (fourteen, fifteen, sixteen, seventeen and eighteen), we see where some of this common ground exists.

The fourteenth is rather Saturnine in nature, embracing the true empowerment which comes from structural order. If you like, there is a certain reward for mastering the rules and mastering resistance, empowerment within the structure is that reward. This might be likened to graduation from a University, or completion of a trade certificate. These things empower a person within that structure.

In the art of sensuality (beyond simple sex), there are rules also. Those rules used well can produce experiences of ecstasy not previously explored or described. They can also be used to plunder a partner for their energy.

Like any of the secondary harmonic levels, it has a downside, and again, that is determined by resistance. This energy can as easily manifest as a rage against the machine. Unlike the more noble and intelligent challenges to the rules, a poorly applied fourteenth has bitterness and resentment built into it (from poorly applied resistance) and therefore it is an ugly, and sometimes pathetic resistance, which nevertheless has influence, simply because of its knowledge of the rules.

The fourteenth Axial Harmonic Level, is best described as structural empowerment.

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The Fifteenth Axial Harmonic Level.

Fifteen axes divide the circle onto thirty pieces.

Because fifteen breaks down to six in numerology, we can expect the fifteenth harmonic to display the expansive quality of the sixth in some way.

Because the fifteenth also represents the division of the fifth by three, we can expect a deeper expression of empowerment as well.

I mentioned in my discussion of the fifth, that the engagement of the Cosmic flow was its highest expression, and in the fifteenth, this can become reality.

The combination of empowerment and harmony is sweet indeed, particularly when Universal energy is engaged. This is also true in the higher pursuit of sensuality. While a chart does not require fifteenth harmonic placements to experience this (anybody seeking to bring empowerment to its highest vibration will experience this), the planetary energies concerned become areas of particular focus / talent when they are present.

The downside to such energy is, this time, a function of the individual’s attitude to harmony. Where harmony is seen simply as a lack of resistance, the fifteenth lacks any potency at all, and so it remains wasted potential. Where harmony is engaged under dark influence, the fifteenth is empowered darkness.

There comes a point at which harmonic energy becomes so quiet that it requires deliberate action to access it. While each chart is unique, and what seems quiet to some will be rowdy to others, the fifteenth seems to be where there is simply no unconscious manifestation of energy. The same is true for levels sixteen, seventeen and eighteen. Unless somebody has their attention fixed on an objective which requires that energy, there will be no expression of that energy.

The fifteenth harmonic is best described as empowered harmony.

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The Sixteenth Axial Harmonic Level

Sixteen axes divides the circle into thirty-two parts.

Sixteen breaks down to seven in numerology, so we should expect the sixteenth to display some of the structural characteristics of the seventh, in a new light.

The power of the sixteenth lies in its relationship to the second. Sixteen is the fourth exponential application of two, it is also the second exponential application of four.

If eight manifests the resistance of two and the realisation of four, then sixteen entrenches that pattern. The sixteenth makes this structural.

In its best light, the sixteenth allows the lessons of the two series to become a part of the structural fabric of the individual, so that we get past the irritations of life and into the true substance of Living. Grace and forgiveness are part and parcel of the best application of the sixteenth harmonic level.

In its worst light, this structured pattern is explosive in the extreme; badly applied resistance is just too hot to handle here.

It must be deliberately focused to be accessed, but the sixteenth entrenches the article of resistance as it is progressively refined through the harmonic system.

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The Seventeenth Axial Harmonic Level

Seventeen axes divide the circle into thirty-four parts.

When addressing the thirteenth, I observed that the thirteenth harmonic was a brand new energy which was tied to the fourth only by numerological association. This is also true of the seventeenth as it relates to the eighth harmonic.

Just as the thirteenth investigates behind the scenes on the fourth, the seventeenth has the same effect on the eighth. The investigation made by the seventeenth reveals the power behind manifestation. Not so much ‘What’s going on back there?’ but ‘How did they do that?’

For this reason, the seventeenth can readily be associated with such energy types as ‘Kundalini’ or ‘Chi’ as well as the more specifically sexual and alchemical energies which permeate life. These energies are not to be trifled with, and can bring the careless experimenter undone. The practice of simple sex, is of course, anybody’s right to enjoy, but the use and manipulation of the underpinning energy of Life is best learned from experienced practitioners.

There are groups of people who have been using these energies for thousands of years, it is wise to spend some time in their company, or at the bare minimum, to read some of their literature, before trying to experiment. Those who carelessly investigate chemistry will soon bring themselves undone, as will those who carelessly investigate electricity. The same is true for the more metaphysical energies of life (chemistry and electricity being both originally metaphysical energies, more recently we declared them to be scientific, and somehow less mysterious).

A person with a strong seventeenth harmonic has the potential to investigate several of these mysteries and will have a tendency to do so. Uranus and Mercury also playing key roles here.

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The Eighteenth Axial Harmonic Level

Eighteen axes divide the circle into thirty-six parts.

Eighteen breaks down to nine numerologically, and for the first time in this investigation, it is also related to nine mathematically.

This is significant for many reasons. Nine is a point of departure, the ninth harmonic level being a place of inspiration in its various forms, the eighteenth being the first application of resistance to the ninth level, as well as representing a new application of the ninth itself.

Earlier in this text, I described the eighteenth as the still small voice of inspiration, the sense of ‘knowing’ the mind of the Creator. It can as easily be the voice of pure delusion. The difference is dependent upon all that has come before. Only when the best application of union, resistance, harmony,expansion and inspiration have been achieved, can the individual consider with confidence, the certainty of that ‘knowledge’. It does not require an eighteenth harmonic aspect to achieve this ‘knowledge’, but the aspect will give clues as to the path one might tend to choose to get there.

This, I feel, is a good place to close our investigation. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, the types of energy under discussion at this level are at about the limit of current human endeavor. There are only a few in the population who will go this far with their personal development, I see little need to go further at this stage. Also, as far as natal Astrology is concerned, the accuracy of time required by the eighteenth harmonic is within a minute where MC and Ascendant are involved.

There are others who may well use this method for other types of Astrological investigation, (specifically mundane, predictive, perhaps even hoarary). These folk may well see a need for deeper investigation, and I wish them well, I will assist them where I can. I see it as being important to maintain the consistent relationship between the numerological and mathematical elements of the harmonic levels.

I believe that we are closer than we have been for three hundred or more years to having physics and metaphysics discussed as a single subject, the parallel consideration of numerology and mathematics is an important step in the right direction I feel.

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What about Harmonic Orbs?

These are the orbs we currently use in Axial Harmonics. They are based on a 4.5 degree conjunct orb and each subsequent axial level has an orb of 4.5 degrees divided by that Axial Harmonic level number.

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